Ginger - Common Spice, Wonder Drug

Ginger - Common Spice, Wonder Drug
Author: Paul Schulick
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For thousands of years ginger has been one of the world’s most favored spices and a major ingredient in Oriental remedies. Ginger cleanses colon, reduces cramps, reliefs stomach gas, spasms & more.Ginger has been used for stomach upset, motion sickness and nausea.Yet ginger’s precious healing values are still virtually unknown and ignored in the modern world.

The author's treatise is that the only way available to humanity to remain disease free and live healthily is the natural way. This means following at all times the principles of non-violence and vital economy pertaining to the life force.

Paul Schulick is a master herbalist and graduate of the School of Natural Healing. He is a respected author, researcher, lecturer and formulator of natural therapeutic products. He is CEO of New Chapter, Inc. This book proposes that your spice cabinet contains a healing substance that is beyond the therapeutic scope of any modern drug; a substance with the potential to save billions of dollars and countless lives. Calling ginger “the universal medicine,” the author surveys the ancient claims of ginger’s effective health usage as these are verified by international medical research. Supported by hundreds of scientific studies, this book leads the reader to discover the extraordinary personal and social benefits of using ginger.

Book Details
ISBN 1890772070
Format Paperback
Pages 166
Publisher Hohm Press

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