Angel of Death ebook

Angel of Death ebook
Author: Belinda Bras-Nel
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Within this book the author shares the path that she has walked with the Angel of Death and how her dad’s passing changed her life dramatically. Nianell en Riana Scheepers are but two of the people that share their own experiences with souls on the other side within the pages of this book.  Probably the most important aspect of this book is to look at and confront our own fears. Why are we so scared of death? How can we change our definition of death in order to not fear our own transition into the hereafter? I also take a look at the potential that develops within each of us, to grow and become the unique soul that you truly are, when death arrives on your doorstep.

Belinda Bras-Nel is a well-known medium, angel whisperer, inspirational speaker and writer. She often  appears in newspapers, magazines and the media. She lives in the Angel House Sanctuary with the love of her life, their  two children, three wolves and adopted cats and dogs.

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Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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