Saving Your Life one Day at a Time

Saving Your Life one Day at a Time
Saving Your Life one Day at a Time
Author: Roy Sugarman
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There are many books on improving health, and many on how to improve your life - but there are not many that include both. This book does. And every so often, perhaps once a generation, a book emerges that clearly stands above the rest. Saving your life, one day at a time is one such book.
Dr Sugarman offers seven processes for survival in the modern world. Each is supported with the most up-to-date research that has been packed in one book. When small changes in each of these seven incremental life areas are adopted, with little effort you are guaranteed big improvements in how you feel, think and live. Saving your life, one day at a time is a powerfully motivating workbook that helps you cope better with modern life, starting NOW!

About the Author

Dr Roy Sugarman is the Director of Applied Neuroscience at the world’s premier athlete training facility, Athletes Performance and Core Performance in the USA and in that role is the current mindset coach for the US Soccer National Men’s Team. He works with college and professional athletes, corporate executives and their staff, as well as personal trainers, coaches and Special Forces operatives, and a variety of clinical clients.
Dr Sugarman learned early in his career that only an integrated combination of brain and body interventions succeeded in optimising our ability to get through the day at work, and still have enough energy in the tank to go home and enjoy what was most important to us – the people we love.
He trained and accredited in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology. With decades of experience in rehabilitation of severe traumatic brain and bodily injury, Dr Sugarman observed that integrating the science of both body and brain was essential to positive outcomes in healthy individuals as well. Working with damaged athletes, and then with healthy ones, he learned that most experts focus on only their medical speciality, ignoring the content of other specialists working with the patients, consequently neglecting most of the issues so important to a good outcome, or leaving them to someone else.
Gathering information usually studied in fragments across specialities, people have learned that body and brain are a single entity, and health in one, is health in the other: Dr Sugarman has spent his professional life doing just that.

Book Details
Format Paperback
Pages 242
Publisher Heartspace Publications

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