Full Moon Invocations

Full Moon Invocations
Author: Dadi Darshan Dharma
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This unprecedented volume contains powerful invocations that can be used during each successive full moon, to aid humanity in canalizing the potent energies available only during this special time of the month. Helena Blavatsky and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey’s writings, first introduced the art and science of invocation to the western world. Full moon group meditations take place globally amongst many religions and spiritual faiths. This book will peak the interest of meditators around the world.
A guidebook on how to invoke the higher energies transmitted during each full moon.

New approach to full moon group meditations that will certainly peak worldwide interest.

An opportunity to help a humanity in need, by invoking universal spiritual energies such as Light, Love, Liberty, Beauty and Goodwill.

Full Moon invocationas (and evocations) to be used in conjunction with the seventh ray energies now manifestin on Planet Earth.  Secret formulae given for the improvement of our world.

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Format Large format trade paper
Publisher Orange Palm

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