Transformation Series

Transformation Series
Author: John Poynton
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New Creation

A novel that explores the soul of the African Wilds along with one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between materialistic and spiritual world views.

Here is a novel that explores the soul of the African wilds, along with one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between materialistic and spiritual worldviews. It plumbs the turbulent experiences of an African missionary’s son who leaves the mission for the life of a game ranger. Unforeseen events involving reserve staff, visitors and the primeval African wilds overturn and revolutionise his thinking. Under the spell of an intense love affair he leaves the reserve as a new kind of missionary, fired by the possibilities of mankind to pioneer a new level of understanding and existence, a new creation, a new evolutionary stage in harmony with all life.

Brief Authority

Brief Authority gives an insider’s perspective of one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between established materialism embraced by standard science, ‘Dress’d in a little brief authority,’ and the growing holistic, spiritual view. The novel follows the struggles of a retired medically-trained psychiatrist as he becomes caught in this conflict through encounters with a cluster of gifted young people. How may a conventionally trained psychiatrist react when his fixed materialism is challenged? Could he even begin to think the unthinkable, that his entrenched world-view is unsustainable?

The Life Play 

The Life Play is a tale of personal growth, from conventional thinking - both religious and materialistic - to a fuller understanding of life's deeper dimensions. It is about one of the great issues of our time: the conflict that pits materialism against spirituality. It depicts the dramatic inner revolution of a materialistic psychiatrist as he experiences powerful and startling events that show hie entrenched world view to be unsustainable. His life becomes intertwined with that of a game ranger, leading to spiritual growth and consolidation in them both. The action moves between notable settings in England and an African game reserve and nearby mission, in keeping with the concept that 'all the world's a stage'.

New Enlightenment

An African game reserve and nearby mission, with London interludes, are the settings for experiences of a great revolution of our time: realising that the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century was in many ways a false enlightenment. It led to seeing man as a material creature devoid of spirit, the antithesis of traditional African thinking. Characters in this novel engage in the great revolution as a new enlightenment is forged in the heat of Africa. Romantic involvements among the novel's characters sharpen the story of inner development and transformation.


About the Author

John PoyntonJohn Poynton is Professor Emeritus of biology at the University of Natal, South Africa, a research associate of the Natural History Museum, London, and a scientific fellow of the Zoological Society of London.  His main research has been in African zoology and biogeography; he has also published in the philosophy of science and in psychical research.  He served on the council of the South African Society for Psychical Research, and subsequently served on the council of the Society for Psychical Research in London, where he was the Hon. Secretary.


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