Multi-Dimensional Perception - Journeys into Different Dimensions of Reality

Multi-Dimensional Perception - Journeys into Different Dimensions of Reality
Author: Jimmy Henderson
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It is only when one focuses on the small details of the said event that one becomes caught in the drama of it all. Building on his successful first book Multi Dimensional Thinking, this time Jimmy gives the reader a completely new view of the possibilities in life, changing from the mundane to the Conscious.

This book follows on from his earlier publication, Multi Dimensional Thinking, Kima Global, 2007 and introduces advanced processes through which your consciousness and perception can be radically altered, shifted and heightened. These shifts enable you as the reader to connect to higher levels of self and spirit and to journey into the inner recesses of your own mind, during which time you come to experience other dimensions of reality. It also contains extensive guidelines on working with energy and the development of advanced psychic skills. The outcome of this process of Multi Dimensional Perception is a complete spiritual awakening.

About the author

Jimmy has been involved in mind training and spiritual development for many years. He is a long standing Rosicrucian, AMORC. He lives and teaches in Durban.

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Book Details
ISBN 9780981427881
Sub-Title Journeys into Different Dimensions of Reality
Format Paperback
Pages 370
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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