The Mirror of Relationship - Love, Sex and Chastity

The Mirror of Relationship - Love, Sex and Chastity
Author: J. Krishnamurti
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Krishnamurti asks the reader to investigate essential questions:
How can I live with another without conflict?
Why are relationships difficult?
What is awareness in relationship?
Do I really know what love is?
What is the role of thought and memory in relating to another?
There is no escape from relationship. In that relationship, which is the mirror in which we can see ourselves, we can discover what we are, our reactions, our prejudices, our fears, depression, anxieties, loneliness, sorrow pain, grief.  
The Mirror of Relationship, Love, Sex and Chastity, is primarily addressed to young people who are starting to question the meaning of life and what direction they should take to lead a meaningful life. The author comes up with many questions universally in the minds of intelligent young people, but also in the minds of anyone else who questions the meaning and process of life whatever their age.


Book Details
ISBN 9780981411743
Sub-Title Love, Sex and Chastity
Format Paperback
Pages 150
Publisher KPA

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