The Pain Game Rules

The Pain Game Rules
Author: Beverley Yolande
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The Pain Game Rules guides us to realise ourselves as we uniquely are. We become sculptors of our true being and the effort we invest into our artwork will one day become our own masterpieces. The artistry will begin when we accept who we each uniquely are with every imperfection that we may have because they make up the whole of who that is. When we love and accept who we are, we can work on the finer details of who we have discovered there.

The Author - Beverley Yolande

The Pain Game Rules encourages us to treasure and value time for where we need to grow and what we need to heal. The work we do on ourselves becomes the springboard from which we transcend beyond the limitations of even our own imaginations and only we can take ourselves there.

Book Details
Format Paprerback
Pages 278
Publisher Kima Global

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