Decoding Your Life - An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration

Decoding Your Life - An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration
Author: Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow
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Decoding Your Life - An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration

Live Your Life With Supreme Confidence – Attract Happiness, Good Health and Beautiful Relationships by Appreciating Both the Positive And Negative As Teaching Tools
Achieve extraordinary inner shifts using the world-renowned techniques developed by mystic and spiritual teacher Janet Diane Mourglia- Swerdlow.

The author  has an unique way of guiding you step by step through the inner unravelling process of life's complications.. Thousands of people worldwide have effectively studied and utilized these methods to implement life changes with ease. Practical and simple, the tools that she shares bring immediate results, leadingyou into new avenues of self-reintegration in a world now designed for compartmentalization.

About the author
Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow is an internationally renowned Oversoul Intuitive – enabling her to directly communicate with God-Mind. She has a special ability to replicate tones of creation from Hyperspace. Due to her blend of American Indian and Celtic genetics, as well as her Magdalene lineage which extends back through her Waldensian descendancy from Southern France, Janet sees and hears frequencies on all levels. This allows her to consciously access information within the Oversoul matrix. Using mind-pattern analysis, Janet teaches self-balancing techniques in a simple, direct manner that can easily be incorporated into daily living.

Book Details
ISBN 9780974014463
Sub-Title An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration
Pages 264
Publisher Expansions Publishing

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