The Hidden Records

The Hidden Records
Author: Wayne Herschel
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This is a revelation that will not only re-write history, but the history of our origins as we know it. It offers an array of new earth shattering findings linking all the pyramid civilisations, as well as revealing the ultimate secret of the Sphinx.. It also confirms that the gods of the ancients were cosmic visitors. For those who like to think out of the box, who admit that there are so many possibilities to explain our existence in the universe, for those hungry and adventuresome minds this book THE HIDDEN RECORDS is a fascinating feast!

About the author(s)

Wayne Herschel, and co-author Birgitt Lederer, has followed his instincts in exploring the fact that all pyramid systems on the face of the globe have definite relationship to the stars. He is an archeo-astronomer and has been able to illustrate how the ancient pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the belt of Orion stars that are tangent with the Milky Way.

Book Details
ISBN 978-0-6203088-6-1
Format Trade Paper
Pages 290
Publisher Herschel

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