Biodynamic Planting Calendar 2018

Biodynamic Planting Calendar 2018
Author: Marisa Gray
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This Planting Calendar is utilised by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa.  The Biodynamic Planting Calendar is based upon the actual positions and relationships between the Moon, Planets and Stars, the same method employed by our farming forefathers.

The calendar features:

  • the daily lunar phase and its directional pull (towards or away from the earth);
  • its particular constellational element as per FRUIT & SEEDS (fire), ROOTS (earth), LEAVES & STEMS (water), FLOWER (air);
  • garden warnings;
  • superceding trines, oppositions, retrogrades;
  • a planting guide for South Africa, monthly sky calendar, bee guide plus the introductio of the Biodynamic Preparations.

In this calendar a verse from The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner is inscribed for each week. This will enable the soul to participate actively in the progressing life of the year as it unfolds from week to week. Each verse should resound in the soul as it unites with the life of the year.

A healthy feeling of "at oneness" with the course of Nature, and from this a vigorous "finding of oneself" is here intended, in the belief that, for the soul, a feeling-unison with the world's course is unfolded in these verses is something for which the soul longs when it rightly understands itself.

About the author

Solberry has always been fascinated by the night skies. SHe has been a student of astrology, astronomy and astrosophy. In 2002 she began helping the administrator of the Biodynamic Association of Southern Africa with the Calendar.




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