New Economics

This category covers the many creative systems that have been developed to escape the grip of commercial banks, such as Community Exchange Systems, cell phone money transfers and new debit cards that operate outside the existing banking cartels.

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Foundations of a Free Society
This important book outlines the core principles that define a free society. It provides an acces..
R206.51 R27.53
Free Markets and Justice
After independence, most African nationalist leaders rejected capitalism as an economic model. Th..
R206.51 R27.53
In Defense of Global Capitalism
This book covers the merits and demerits of global capitalism as it is practised today, includint..
R206.51 R27.53
Just Get out of the Way - How Government can help business in poor countries
Governments that wish to help businesses in poor countries should follow the advice given to phys..
Pension Problems - Public or Private Solution
Thousands of pensioners in Africa die while awaiting their pension pay out. This is a disgrace. T..
R206.51 R27.53
Political Economy - Selected Essays
A wide ranging collection of essays on political economy by Frederic Bastiat, French economist, s..
R234.04 R27.53
The Bubble that broke the world Economy
Politicians, dependence and the Bubble the Broke the World Economy is a book thast exposes the re..
R206.51 R27.53
The Morality of Capitalism -What Your Professors won't tell You
The essays in this book draw on economics, logic, history, literature and other disciplines. The ..
R206.51 R27.53
This book reveals exactly how we are enslaved and how we may break the shackles and gain our free..
Why Liberty - The Idea that's Changing the World
The commnunal nature of African societies has been grossly misinterpreted to imply that African s..
R206.51 R27.53
The End of Money - And the Future of Civilisation
Greco's masterful work lays out the problems and then looks to the future for the next stage in m..
R330.41 R27.53
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